Monster But Wild

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Monster But Wild

The player Dongdong mistakenly entered the game world "Azure" and changed into a skeleton, the weakest wild creature. The unidentified Dongdong used his years of gaming experience to amass a band of wild monsters early on. He met the main character, Bubble, made a deal with her to become her strongest pet, and then set off on an amusing and thrilling adventure with Bubble and his new pals in "Azure." The phenomenon of NPCs and wild monsters in the game gradually awakening and yearning for the human world was also identified at this time by Dongdong. To learn the truth and get back to your regular life. The main character group, led by Dongdong, as well as awakened NPCs, regular players, game developers, and other entities started to debate how the two worlds were connected.

Genres: Animation,Adventure,Action

Actor: Jiaming Zhang,Yunxi Ting,Huang Leyi


Country: China

Episode Title: Episode 16

Rating: 1

Duration: 20 min

Release: 2023

Episodes: 12

Season 2

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